*Sh. Ch. Wroxham Strike A Pose* 

(5 CC's - 5 R.CC's) 


7th August 1998 to 8th June 2012

Forever in our hearts.


IRWS Club of GB Championship Show Sunday 8th June 2008 - Judge Mrs Joyce Webb (Shannonlee)

1st Veteran - Best Veteran in Show

(for the second year running)

 IRWS Club of GB Championship Show Sunday July 2007 - Judge Mr Brian Greaves (GlenO'Shea)

Best Veteran in Show - Reserve Dog CC 



Michael winning the Dog Challenge Certificate at WELKS Ch.Show - April 2005

Judge Dr. R. James.


Sh.Ch.Shannonlee Rosefinch with her litter of eleven beautiful pups.

My Mum decided it was time I had a litter she had been waiting long enough for me to come in season and at the right time (is there any right time).  Well we went to see Alfie (Sh.Ch.Cormallen Strike A Light With Spyefire) and we got on rather well, a couple of months later this lot appeared, eleven of the little darlings (yes eleven) there were nine boys and two cute little girls.  Boy were they ever hard work, at three weeks old I decided enough was enough and it was time for my Mum to take over the feeding and cleaning of these getting bigger by the second little gems.  We were going to keep one of my daughters but somehow, (I don't know how she managed it!) we also kept one of the boys, and all the rest went off to some super new homes with  lovely new Mums and Dads and also lots of children.  We still get  pictures and letters telling us how they are doing and what they have been up to.  The two we kept are called Michael and Mia.


I'm being a good boy for Auntie Jackie, for a change.


Michael aged about 12 weeks

Michael made a great start to his show career, at his first show aged seven months he was Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the Irish Red and White Setter Club of G.B. Championship Show under Breed Specialist Judge Mrs. Sue Paterson (Torweaving).  

He continued to do well throughout the year, and at the tender age of just 20 months he won his first Challenge Certificate under another Breed Specialist Judge Ms K.Wilson-Smith (Chardine) at Birmingham Dog Show Society Championship Show. Now in the Limit class (at such a tender age) he still continues to be well placed at the shows we have attended. 

 Michael now has Two Challenge Certificates, he took the Dog C.C. at the Irish Red and White Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show Oct. 2000. Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Pat Peacock (Copperdale)

Michael went to Bath Championship Show 8/6/2001 and won Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed (Breed Judge Mrs Celia George - Jezemay).

Michael took his 3rd Challenge Certificate at Bournemouth Championship Show 12.8.2001 Breed Specialist Judge Mrs C.Stokes (Innsegall)  making him my first home bred champion he is now:-


(5 CC's 5 Reserve CC)

( we are very, very proud to have bred him from our first litter of IRWS)

Michael aged 23 months and coming on very nicely. 

CLAD Clear by parentage - Eyes Tested Clear 16/Feb/2003 -  Hip Score 2-2 - vWD DNA Tested

BIG BIG BRAG - Michael attended the Setter and Pointer Championship Show 2nd November 2002 where he won 1st Open Dog, the Dog Challenge Certificate, he then beat his Mother for Best of Breed,  and then to my great delight he was awarded "RESERVE BEST IN SHOW" Many thanks to our Breed Judge Mrs S.Williamson and the Best in Show judge Mrs Meriel Hathaway for a wonderful day I will never forget.

Not many shows in 2003 for Michael (his sister is having pups and he sired his first litter) but the three we did attend he did us proud.

Irish Red and White Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show October 2003 Michael won Open Dog - Reserve Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show behind his kennelmate Toby (Able Seaman) Judge Mrs Meriel Hathaway (guess she likes him still!!)

Setter And Pointer Championship Show Michael won Open Dog and the Reserve Challenge Certificate Judge Mrs J. Howatson (Vanders)

LKA December 2003 Michael won Open Dog and the Reserve Challenge Certificate Judge Mrs J. Webb (Shannonlee)

2004 Michael stayed at home while I campaigned his niece Wroxham Marry Maid (Nina).



Michael in thoughtful mood.

aged 23 months