Wroxham Irish Red And White Setters

Picture taken from a 'Trinket Box' owned by me and awarded to my Sh.Ch. Spyefire Able Seaman To Wroxham  for one of his many Best In Show  wins at the Irish Red And White Setter  Club of GB Open Shows - judged by Mrs. Grace Carrick (Finnihye) who is also the very talented artist who painted it

 'Irish Red And White Setter Pedigree Collection'

A collection of pedigrees from around the world, the early Irish Red and White Setters and of course some of their 'Irish Setter' ancestors going back to the 18th century and beyond,  up to the present day dogs.  If you would like your dogs  included please send their details: Pet name (call name), Kennel Club Name, Kennel Club Registration Number, Breeder, Owner, Sire/Dam, Date of Birth, Sex Male/Female and at least four/five generations of ancestors if possible, send via email to:  wroxhamgundogs@btinternet.com   or photo copies (which will NOT be returned) by snail mail to Mrs E.E.Walker, Heath Acre, Heath Hill, Sheriffhales, Nr. Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8RR. (England).

The more you send and the older they are, the better the collection will be!!!!

On the index page you will find all dogs in alphabetical order by their pedigree names, with links to their individual pedigree page. If you find a name without a link this indicates that the name is all I have found about this particular dog at the moment, new information is coming in all the time and is most welcome. If you have any further information about particular dogs you would like to share, please get in touch. 

If you find any incorrect information regarding any of the pedigrees, please send the correct details if you have them,  might be wrongly spelt registered names, incorrect ancestors, date of birth  etc., etc., any major or minor mistakes (I have no doubt there will be many that are incorrect, and some that should not be in there) please let me know and I will endeavour to correct  them as soon as possible.

A huge 'THANK YOU' to Lena Argard (The Irish Red Setter Pedigree Collection  ) for the 'nudge' in the right direction to put this collection on site, and for all her help finding IRWS pedigrees for dogs in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.  

I hope the IRWS Pedigree Collection will be of use to all owners and breeders of our lovely breed, the Irish Red and White Setter.



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